After 70 years, the votive bridge is back!

In 1950, during the week of the Commemoration of the Dead, tradition wanted a bridge of boats to connect the Fondamente Nove with the island of San Michele.

A custom maintained over time until seventy years ago that now returns.

This year, in Venice, it will be possible to pay homage to one’s loved ones by walking to the cemetery.

A sort of crossing over the water, which takes on the symbolic value of a reunion at the beginning, when the votive bridge was a “pilgrimage” to a place which was given a sacred and Christian value.

The bridge will be open to the public for ten days, from Thursday 31 October to Sunday 10 November 2019.

The structure from Fondamente Nove arrives directly at the monumental portal that once served as the main entrance to the cemetery of St. Michael. It is a floating bridge 407 meters long and 15.5 meters wide with modular elements. A passage 3.5 meters high and 10 meters wide will allow the passage of boats

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